DJ Manni

DJ Manni broke new ground and influenced the genre and sub-genres of reggae, dancehall, afro beats and the likes with his uncountable mix tapes. Out of many DJ’s of all time from the start of turntable culture comes DJ Manni, an Influence in the history of sound system and is ubiquitous without doubts and that makes him a groundbreaking DJ.
He had primary education at Taifa pre-school and afterwards moved to Greenhill international at St. John’s. After that he also school at Mpreaso kwahu for a few months before traveling to London. In London, he was enrolled in Warwick school for boys from 1996 to 2000, before long, he was sent back to Ghana because of his short temper and numerous reports by teachers of him missing class and being involved in robberies in and outside of school due to his frazzle attitude. His ossified behavior did not warrant him to even be hosted in Accra, so his dad was forced to take him Tarkwa to enroll him in Tarkwa Secondary school. He was barely in the school for two terms because his anomalous behavior did not favor him;his father ordered the school not to let him leave but he jumped the wall and left all his belongings and came back to Accra for a year and returned to London.